It is my passion to compose Music From Source.

Music from Source is pure energy and Universal Consciousness in Sound and connects you straight to the Universal Source of Creation.

It is healing, connecting, relaxing, expanding and awakening all at the same time and in perfect alignment with your Higher Self. It is a completely new way of creating and manifesting in sound.

Music from Source translates multidimensional energy into sound. This means that every time you listen to a piece, a new aspect of that energy is translated in your time-space experience and reality. It has infinite potential because it is made with and from Universal Consciousness.

In creating Music from Source, I use the OMnium Method of consciousness expansion. Using this method and these principles, I am able to connect to Creator Source, align my energies and then bring the music directly from this Universal Consciousness.

As you listen, you will “entrain” or absorb, in an organic way, these high vibrational, Universal energies and consciousness which is embedded in the music. Your brain naturally adjusts itself to these frequencies because they are innate to your being, universal structure and consciousness, but often forgotten, ignored or blocked.

This music awakens, in a loving way, the memory of your Divinity, of who you really are. Every time you listen, an aspect of your Divinity starts resonating, opening, cleansing, healing and awakening in your Human expression and body.

Music from Source not only provides a growing selection of music and products but is helping to introduce and establish a new approach to consciousness expansion, healing and education through high vibrational sounds.

Enjoy the richness of music and energy on this website and have fun exploring all the fascinating and exciting areas Music from Source offers. It is a doorway to experiencing Universal Consciousness, and I invite you to enter.

Much Love,

Frits Evelein